5 Steps To Longer Lasting Sex

5 Steps To Longer Lasting Sex


It’s the thing that happens in so many relationships, yet we don’t talk about, voice it or we laugh it off.

Let’s talk about ejaculatory disorders, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction and a natural treatment that you can do in the comfort of your own home. No pills, no doctors and no awkward conversations…. Just a really happy and satisfied you and a happy and satisfied partner.

Being unsatisfied in the bedroom ends relationships and while it pushes buttons on the embarrassment radar, it’s not worth potentially ending or losing a loved one over it when it could be improved.

Believe it or not the role a male plays in his partners overall well being and happiness is huge!

Don’t settle for a mediocre sex life and premature ejaculation. It’s common, but it doesn’t have to be.

Research and studies have shown that most women WANT more intimacy and experience more sexual pleasure. But due to how they feel about themselves and the lack of longevity in the bedroom it causes LOW libido.

20% to 30% of men last around 1 to 4 minutes and it can take a woman up to 20 minutes to reach a meaningful and deep orgasm, the numbers just don’t add up! As a result, both men and woman feel more disconnected after sex than before, which defeats the purpose of intimacy all together.

Yes, premature ejaculation does have health effects, like stress, depression, anxiety and other potential health issues, but it’s the insidious, subtle and often not “bad” enough so it lies under the radar, always noticed, with a low level disheartened groan from both you and your partner that stays with both of you. What if it didn’t have to be like that?

The 5-Step Process to Orgasm Control

Created by Eyal Matsliah, Sexual empowerment coach and author of  “Orgasm Unleashed - Your guide to Pleasure, Healing and Power”.

Now becoming a sex god overnight will not happen, it’ s a proper transformation, while you will notice immediate changes, the new skill set will develop over the four weeks.

The five-step system to controlling ejaculation is a method that Eyal has created and developed by coaching thousands of men.

  1. Why
    2. Feel
    3. Stop
    4. Move
    5. Transform

This sequence first addresses the foundations of thought patterns and moves on to how to master these life-changing skills.

  1. Finding WHY.

Beginning with some guided introspection to become aware of what the motivation really is. Usually men are challenged to get to the truth of why they have sex, and why they want to last longer.

Once the why is figured out, the true why, then the how becomes much easier. Confronting these issues and learning new ways of thinking before moving onto…

2 and 3. Learn to FEEL and STOP, and why the point of no-return isn’t where you think it is.

With the Feel and Stop exercise, men will learn about and practice paying attention to their level of arousal. (Hands on exercises are required here)

The point-of-no-return isn’t where most people think it is and they can control this level of arousal and they can ride out their own pleasure instead of hitting that dreaded ‘Uh Oh’ moment, adopting an attitude of discovery and exploration.

  1. MOVE that built-up energy


This step is a key part that is usually missing from other courses, the idea is to not only last longer, but also build and enjoy more intense orgasms. Moving them away from solely the genitals and into a full body orgasm.


To achieve this level of orgasm there are a few things that need to be explored.

  1. Basic ways to move sexual energy as it builds
    2. How to use breath to move energy.
    3. How to use kegels and most importantly, when to avoid using them
  1. Using these new abilities to transform intimacy.

At this point a conversation with partners need to happen so they can support you and enjoy the benefits.

The path to Tantric sex, and how to spread awareness to partners and how they can continue to grow and create pleasure for both parties.

At this point, what has started as “just lasting longer in bed” is transformed into the best, most amazing thing decision for men, woman and their life!


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