More than a Bra!

More than a Bra!

Lingerie is not about a bra or knickers.

It never has been.

It’s sacred.

It’s a sacred love that never dies.

It’s something that we dismiss so easily.

We forget.

Or we know, but it’s just too hard to find.

We take it for granted.

Do you know who really appreciates lingerie?

People, who have never been able to wear it and are experiencing it for the first time, people who have had to wear ugly bras because nothing else was available.

… Transgender women who wear lingerie and it goes on like a second skin and the delicate material brushes up against their skin as they are reminded that they are the woman they have always wanted to be.


… Women with small breasts who have never been able to find something sensual to wear because they are unable to fill the bra cups.


… Women with ginormous breast who can’t find a bra that is big enough for their breasts…. At least one that is attractive.


It’s something that gets put into the necessity and uncomfortable pile, something that we are missing out on, every time we dismiss it and take it for granted.


Some days the most empowering and self-loving thing I can do is NOT to wear a bra…


…But most days I think about how I want to feel that day and I put on lingerie that helps me bring out and tap into and be that woman.

Lingerie helps us be the person we want to be.

No matter who that is.

When we look in the mirror and we begin to see ourselves in a new light, a more loving light and we begin to shine bright.

We feel better, we teach, show and lead by example for future generations to do the same.

There is a much more pleasurable way to feel about ourselves and it can start with one lingerie set.


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